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International Legal Services & Support

Wilkes Legal is pleased to offer legal and related services in Mesoamerica (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua), Ecuador and Colombia. We work with a team of professionals in each country to provide a wide range of legal and related services. If you or your company needs assistance with a legal matter, or could use help effectuating service of process, obtaining records, or gathering information in any country in the region, please contact us. We are ready to assist in all types of cases – immigration, family, criminal, civil or commercial law, among others. We have geographical access to all regions of each country where we work and are ready to meet your needs.

In addition, Wilkes Legal offers expert evaluation services in support of immigration and other cases. We have national and international experts in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras on themes that include human rights, the LGBTI community, human trafficking, organized crime, impunity, political persecution and violence against women and children.

Finally, Wilkes Legal is available to facilitate both telephonic and in-person interpretation services in more than 20 Mayan languages. Wilkes Legal works with experienced professionals in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico who are able to interpret between the target language and Spanish, and in some cases English.

To better understand your needs and to provide you with the most accurate information about our rates, please contact us or call 301-576-6368.